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Message from the chairman


To increase the people’s rights and to ensure the protection of the people’s dignity and values

Principles of personal information protection

Goal specification, minimum collection, accuracy of information, safe management etc.

The establishment of the Personal Information Protection Commission

Independently performs affairs under the direct jurisdiction of the President

Deliberates on and resolves matters concerning the protection of personal information

Protection guideline in each step of processing personal information

Minimum collection based on consent of information

Prohibition of personal information management for other purposes

Careful protection of sensitive information and unique identifying information

Guarantee of access to individual information

Prompt destruction of information that has met its initial objective and/or exceeded its holding period

Regulation of image data processing equipment

Guideline of installation and operation of data processing equipment like CCTV etc.

Introduction of the Personal Information Impact Assessment

Analyze risk factors and discover improvements in managing personal information files

Remedies for violations of personal information

Liability for compensation for damage

Establishment of Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee

Introduction of collective dispute mediation and Class Actions