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In Korea’s advanced knowledge information society, The Personal Information Protection Commission was established to protect the people’s valuable personal information

We live in an advanced knowledge information society in which an immense amount of information is shared and used. However, underneath this convenience there coexists a danger of the people’s personal information being exposed.

To generate benefits, corporations not only collect and process massive amounts of personal information, but they also retrieve behavioral information such as people’s tastes and concerns. In this process, the possibility of personal information leaks and identity theft cases is on the increase.

To protect the individual right to privacy from these possible threats, the enactment of a general law of personal information protection was proposed by lawmakers in 2004. After seven years of careful consideration, the Personal Information Protection Act was enacted in March 2011, and the Personal Information Protection Commission was established on September 30th of that same year.

The Personal Information Protection Commission is under the direct jurisdiction of the President and performs its affairs independently while under the president’s authority.