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Tasks Overview and Contact Info
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15 Spokesperson pipcpr@korea.kr
  • - Making, coordinating and implementing plans for promoting PIPC's key policies
  • - Managing the agenda to be made public with regard to PIPC's activities
  • - Providing the media with assistance in media coverage and briefing, etc
  • - Producing and managing the digital contents for the public
  • - Managing and maintaining the PIPC's website
14 Innovation Planning Division csh0621@korea.kr
  • - Making, directing and coordinating the policies and main work plan of PIPC.
  • - Inspecting and managing the major government projects and instructions.
  • - Establishing the general plan of performance management and managing the major businesses, government performance evaluation and self evaluation system.
  • - Planning, executing, and coordinating the budget of PIPC.
  • - Directing cooperation with National Assembly and political parties.
  • - Managing the organization and the quota of PIPC and coordinating works between divisions in PIPC.
13 Deliberation Management Division lyh87@korea.kr
  • - Operating and supporting the Protection Commission(including subcommission).
  • - Coordinating positions between public institutions with regard to processing personal information.
  • - Reviewing the use and the provision of personal information under Article 18 (2) 5;
  • - Interpreting legislations relating to personal information protection.
12 Legal Affairs and Audit Division sis97y28@korea.kr
  • - Assisting the operation of cabinet meetings and vice ministers meetings, and managing non-profit corporations..
  • - Establishing the government's legislative programme and supporting the draft of legislations.
  • - Supporting the reform and the screening of regulation.
  • - Managing audit and public service.
  • - Matters concerning the Informatization management and information security management.
11 International Cooperation Division cherrywine@korea.kr
  • - Managing and coordinating the international cooperation policies relating to personal information protection.
  • - Matters concerning the cross-border transfer of personal information.
  • - Concluding and implementing agreements with foreign institutions and internationl organizations.
  • - Researching and analyzing the worldwide trend and international issues about personal information protection
  • - Managing and promoting the English version web site of PIPC.
10 General Services Division kwsunj@korea.kr
  • - Managing the security and facility of PIPC.
  • - Matters concerning the personnel management, employee education and service management.
  • - Matters concerning the commendation, castigation and performance evaluation.
  • - Matters concerning the closing account, contract, income, fund planning and management, pay, benefits and commodity management.
  • - Matters concerning records management, reference library operation, information disclosure operations and civil service management.
9 Personal Information Protection Policy Division wish@korea.kr
  • - Establishing, directing and coordianting the personal information protection policies.
  • - Improving systems and legislations relating to personal information protection.
  • - Establishing master plan and implementation plan of personal information protection.
  • - Publishing annual report and guidelines of personal information protection.
  • - Interpreting personal information protection act.
8 New Technologies for Personal Information Division seefried@korea.kr
  • - Supporting technological development and dissemination relating to personal information protection and nurturing experts.
  • - Enacting and amending the standard of safeguards in personal information.
  • - Matters concerning the installation and operation of visual data processing devices.
  • - Matters concerning the enactment and amendment of legislations regarding the protection of personal visual data.
  • - Establishing personal information protection guidelines relating to new technologies and personal visual data.
  • - Establishing and coordinating persoanl information protection policies and improving the legislations relating to new technologies and convergence industries.
  • - Reviewing agendas regarding regulation improvement of personal information protection relating to new technologies and visual data.
  • - Vitalizing the use of altenative means to resident registration number and operating the support system.
7 Data Security Policy Division air227@korea.kr
  • - Improving the system of prossessing pseudonymized information, and enacting and amending the legislations relating to pseudonymized information.
  • - Making guidelines of prossessing pseudonymized information.
  • - Fostering experts of prossessing pseudonymized information.
  • - Designating, managing and supervising specialized institutions of the combination of pseudonymized information and management organization of combination key.
  • - Matters concerning the procedure of combination, exporting and approval of pseudonymized information.
  • - Inspecting the status of specialized institutions of pseudonymized information and the process of pseudonymized information.
6 Self-Protection Policy Division 55555@korea.kr
  • - Operating and supporting agencies and organizations relating to the self-regulation.
  • - Operating the certification system of personal information protection
  • - Conducting the investigation with regard to data controllers, the competent head of the central administrative departments or agencies and local governments, and the competent agencies and organizations about the level and actual status.
  • - Operating the privacy impact assessment.
  • - Matters concerning the education and public relations of personal information protection.
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