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PIPC`s Activities

Title The Citizen Reporters are running to publicize the personal information policy
Date 2020-07-20 Hits 750

The Citizen Reporters are running to publicize the personal information policy
- Personal Information Protection Commission, 1st Citizen Reporters Opening Ceremony

The Personal Information Protection Commission held a 'Opening ceremony for the 1st Citizen reporters' at 2 p.m. on the 15th at the main building of the Anglican Church Seoul.

In order to strengthen policy communication with the people, 20 members of the Citizen reporters were given letters of appointment for the first time this year, and capacity building programs were conducted on how to write articles and make videos. In addition, Kim Il-jae, acting chairperson of the Commission, attended the ceremony to encourage the Citizen reporters and have an active communication session by answering questions directly from the group related to the policies of personal information protection.

The Citizen reporters are composed of a variety of people, including college students and active users of social media. The reporters will be active for a year until July next year, and will serve as a communication channel between people and the Commission who introduces not only personal information protection policies but personal information stories in their everyday lives.

Acting chairperson Kim said, "We have great expectations for the activities of the Citizens reporters as the integrated Personal Information Protection Commission is set to be launched on August 5," and added, "We hope the Citizen reporters will serve as a communication channel for the public to be more familiar with the personal information policies."

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