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Committee Members


Name Profile
Lee, In-ho Lee, In-ho
    Professor, Chung-Ang University

Committee Members

Committee Members
Name Profile
Nam, Suk Nam, Suk
    Director-General for Investigation and Coordination, Personal Information Protection Commission
Kwon, Kyeong-hyun Kwon, Kyeong-hyun
    Attorney at law, Jinwoon (Law firm)
Kim, Borami Kim, Borami
    Attorney at law, Dike (Law firm)
Noh, Ji-eun Noh, Ji-eun
    Attorney at law, Sejong (Law firm)
Park, Gwang-bae Park, Gwang-bae
    Attorney at law, Gwangjang (Law firm)
Ahn, Jung-min Ahn, Jung-min
    Professor, Hallym University
Yang, Jin-young Yang, Jin-young
    Attorney at law, Minwho (Law firm)
Yeom, Yong-pyo Yeom, Yong-pyo
    Attorney at law, Yulchon (Law firm)
Woo, Ji-suk Woo, Ji-suk
    Professor, Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University
Lee, Sang-yong Lee, Sang-yong
    Professor, Konkuk University
Lee, Eun-sang Lee, Eun-sang
    Professor, Ajou University
Lee, Jae-won Lee, Jae-won
    Executive Director, Korea Federation of SMEs
Lee, Hae-won Lee, Hae-won
    Professor, Mokpo National University
Lee, Hyun-jae Lee, Hyun-jae
    Director, Venture Business Association
Jung, Ji-yeon Jung, Ji-yeon
    Secretary General, Consumers Union of Korea
Cho, Yeon-haeng Cho, Yeon-haeng
    President, Korea Finance Consumer Federation
Choi, Kyoung-jin Choi, Kyoung-jin
    Professor, Gachon University
Choi, Jae-woong Choi, Jae-woong
    Attorney at law, Barun (Law firm)
Hwang, Chang-geun Hwang, Chang-geun
    Professor, Hongik University