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Reporting on Infringement of Personal Information


What is the Reporting on Infringement of Personal Information?

  • It is a system by which anyone who suffers infringement of rights or interests relating to his or her personal information may report such infringement to the Personal Information Infringement Report Call Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Call Center”) of the KISA, an operating agency designated by the Personal Information Protection Commission pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations, such as the Personal Information Protection Act, etc.
  • If infringements are reported to the Privacy Call Center, parties concerned will be investigated according to the Government’s investigation plan, and necessary measures will be taken depending on the presence or absence of violations of laws and the extent of violations. The result is notified to the person who reported infringements.
  • In addition, one can receive information on personal information protection or one’s own rights and interests in that regard by reaching the Privacy Call Center.

Legal Basis

Article 62 of the Personal Information Protection Act (Reporting on Infringements)

Reporting Procedure

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  1. Tel : 118 / Personal Information Infringement Report Center Website / Email
  2. Role of relevant offices
  3. Infringement report
  4. Categorize report as complaint, general consultation, legal inquiry
  5. Receive the report as complaint
  6. Fact-checking
  7. Prepare a report
  8. General consultation
  9. Consultation and close the case
  10. Legal inquiry
  11. Prepare an opinion
  12. Answer and close the case
  13. Review by relevant offices
  14. Request for dispute mediation
  15. Transfer to the Dispute Mediation Committee
  16. Request for Compensation
  17. No legal violation found
  18. Legal violation found
  19. Transfer to relevant office
  20. Criminal report (Public Prosecutor, Police)
  21. Administrative disposition
  22. Recommendation
  23. Notification of result to KISA
  24. Close (Notification of the result)

Division in charge and Reporting agency

Division in charge

General Investigation Division of the Personal Information Protection Commission

Reporting agency

  • Korea Internet Security Agency (KISA)
  • Please, click the button below to report a personal information infringement case. For more inquiries concerning the report and request for consultation on personal information protection issues, visit the following website or call 118.

※ Contact

Name of institution Korea Internet Security Agency (KISA)
Phone number 118
E-mail address
Internet site
Zip code (58324) KISA, Jinheung-gil 9, Naju, Jeollanam-do

※ For information on reporting divulgence by financial institutions such as banks, securities companies and insurance companies, credit information companies and claims collection agencies, please contact the Financial Services Commission (1332,