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Tasks Overview and Contact Info
No Position Work
16 Investigation Team 3
  • - Matters concerning the inspection of the status of protection of personal information transferred cross-border and investigation of infringement
  • (limited to the field of domestic online platforms)
  • - Checking compliance with joint regulations on personal information
  • (limited to domestic online platforms)
  • - Promotion of protection measures and system improvement to prevent personal information infringement accidents
  • - Investigating jointly with the central administrative agency on infringement of personal information related to the matters under its jurisdiction
15 Spokesperson
  • - Making, coordinating and implementing plans for promoting PIPC's key policies
  • - Managing the agenda to be made public with regard to PIPC's activities
  • - Providing the media with assistance in media coverage and briefing, etc
  • - Producing and managing the digital contents for the public
  • - Managing and maintaining the PIPC's website
14 Innovation Planning Division
  • - Making, directing and coordinating the policies and main work plan of PIPC.
  • - Inspecting and managing the major government projects and instructions.
  • - Establishing the general plan of performance management and managing the major businesses, government performance evaluation and self evaluation system.
  • - Planning, executing, and coordinating the budget of PIPC.
  • - Directing cooperation with National Assembly and political parties.
  • - Managing the organization and the quota of PIPC and coordinating works between divisions in PIPC.
13 Deliberation Management Division
  • - Operating and supporting the Protection Commission(including subcommission).
  • - Coordinating positions between public institutions with regard to processing personal information.
  • - Reviewing the use and the provision of personal information under Article 18 (2) 5;
  • - Interpreting legislations relating to personal information protection.
12 Legal Affairs and Audit Division
  • - Assisting the operation of cabinet meetings and vice ministers meetings, and managing non-profit corporations..
  • - Establishing the government's legislative programme and supporting the draft of legislations.
  • - Supporting the reform and the screening of regulation.
  • - Managing audit and public service.
  • - Matters concerning the Informatization management and information security management.
11 International Cooperation Division
  • - Managing and coordinating the international cooperation policies relating to personal information protection.
  • - Matters concerning the cross-border transfer of personal information.
  • - Concluding and implementing agreements with foreign institutions and internationl organizations.
  • - Researching and analyzing the worldwide trend and international issues about personal information protection
  • - Managing and promoting the English version web site of PIPC.
10 General Services Division
  • - Managing the security and facility of PIPC.
  • - Matters concerning the personnel management, employee education and service management.
  • - Matters concerning the commendation, castigation and performance evaluation.
  • - Matters concerning the closing account, contract, income, fund planning and management, pay, benefits and commodity management.
  • - Matters concerning records management, reference library operation, information disclosure operations and civil service management.
9 Personal Information Protection Policy Division
  • - Establishing, directing and coordianting the personal information protection policies.
  • - Improving systems and legislations relating to personal information protection.
  • - Establishing master plan and implementation plan of personal information protection.
  • - Publishing annual report and guidelines of personal information protection.
  • - Interpreting personal information protection act.
8 New Technologies for Personal Information Division
  • - Supporting technological development and dissemination relating to personal information protection and nurturing experts.
  • - Enacting and amending the standard of safeguards in personal information.
  • - Matters concerning the installation and operation of visual data processing devices.
  • - Matters concerning the enactment and amendment of legislations regarding the protection of personal visual data.
  • - Establishing personal information protection guidelines relating to new technologies and personal visual data.
  • - Establishing and coordinating persoanl information protection policies and improving the legislations relating to new technologies and convergence industries.
  • - Reviewing agendas regarding regulation improvement of personal information protection relating to new technologies and visual data.
  • - Vitalizing the use of altenative means to resident registration number and operating the support system.
7 Data Security Policy Division
  • - Improving the system of prossessing pseudonymized information, and enacting and amending the legislations relating to pseudonymized information.
  • - Making guidelines of prossessing pseudonymized information.
  • - Fostering experts of prossessing pseudonymized information.
  • - Designating, managing and supervising specialized institutions of the combination of pseudonymized information and management organization of combination key.
  • - Matters concerning the procedure of combination, exporting and approval of pseudonymized information.
  • - Inspecting the status of specialized institutions of pseudonymized information and the process of pseudonymized information.
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