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Assessment of Public Institutions’ Management Level


It is a system that encourages to construct a foundation to manage the personal information of the citizens by examining the personal information management system and the divulgence prevention activities of public institutions.

Legal Ground and Objects

(Legal ground) Paragraph 2 of Article 11(Request for Materials, etc.) of the Personal Information Protection Act

② The Protection Commission may conduct an investigation...(omitted)..about the level and actual status of how personal data is managed where necessary to implement policies for personal data protection and to evaluate performance, etc.

(Object institutions) Central administrative agencies and affiliated public institutions, local governments, and local public enterprises

Main Contents

  • Preparing, improving, and confirming the fields, indices, and particulars of examining personal information management level
  • Making and distributing the manual of examining personal information management level
  • Notifying the plan of examining personal information management level and holding the information sessions to the object institutions
  • Receiving online applications of performances(evidential materials) regarding the improvement of examination system and the management level of each institution
  • Organizing and operating the examination commission and conducting the examination assessment
  • Notifying interim results, receiving and adjusting revalidation requests, and selecting and supporting the institutions for consultation
  • Notifying the final results and supporting improvement measures


  1. Feb. ~ Mar.
    Preparing the examination manual and holding the information sessions
  2. Apr. ~ May
    On-site consulting
  3. June ~ July
    Online registration of performance evidential materials (
  4. Aug. ~ Sept.
    Conducting examination
  5. Oct. ~ Nov.
    • - Notifying tentative results
    • - Revalidating evidential materials
    • - Site visit
  6. Dec. ~ Jan.
    Confirming final results and supporting improvements

Detailed schedules are subject to change.

Department in charge and executing organization

  • (Department in charge) Self-protection Policy Division of the Personal Information Protection Commission
  • (Executing organization) Personal Data Compliance Support Team of the Korea Internet & Security Agency