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Title Korea-EU Joint Press Statement on adopting the preliminary adequacy decision
Department Date 2021.03.30

Joint Press Statement by Yoon Jong In, Chairperson of the Personal Information Protection Commission of the Republic of Korea, and Didier Reynders, Commissioner for Justice of the European Commission


                                                                        Brussels, 30 March 2021



In their call today, Chairperson of the Personal Information Protection Commission Yoon Jong In and Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders welcomed the successful conclusion of the adequacy talks between the Republic of Korea and the European Union.


The adequacy dialogue confirmed the high degree of convergence between Korea and the European Union in the area of data protection, which increased further with the recent entry into force of the new Personal Information Protection Act in Korea and the strengthening of the powers of the Personal Information Protection Commission. 


Building on these similarities, which ensure the continuity of protection for the exchange of personal data, an adequacy finding will enable free and safe data flows from the EU to the Republic of Korea. 


By covering both commercial operators and the public sector, such an adequacy finding will not only support business operators transferring personal data as part of their commercial operations, but also facilitate regulatory cooperation, to the benefit of both sides.


It will also complement the Korea-EU Free Trade Agreement and boost cooperation between the Republic of Korea and the EU as leading digital powers. 


Both sides agreed that an adequacy finding will open new opportunities for closer cooperation between Korea and the EU to promote high standards of data protection at global level, based on their strong commitment to shared values concerning privacy. 


The European Commission will now proceed with launching the decision-making procedure with a view to having the adequacy decision adopted as soon as possible in the coming months.



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